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Sectors & Applications
Sectors & Applications

Itai operates in various production sectors, wherever thermal insulation or protection against fire is required by means of high-tech high-performance products, also coupled with acoustic insulation.

We manufacture innovative thermal barriers for insulating sensitive parts of aircrafts. Each phase - from the customer's request to the project-based production of the product - complies with the UNI EN 9100, UNI EN 9110, PART21 and PART145. Qualified personnel and rigorous procedures guarantee repeatability over time, in addition to control and production reliability.

Our product is exclusively designed for super sports cars and racing cars. In order to ensure long-lasting duration and high performance, our insulation devices are designed and manufactured according to the most stringent quality criteria. All the materials comply with the applicable regulations in conformity to Directive 2000/53/EC; moreover, all our automotive items appear in the IMDS database for direct use by customers.

Power Generation & Navy
We manufacture any type of thermal and acoustic insulation systems, in addition to the related fabrication parts and mechanical processing. The qualified ITAI staff allows for directly handling every design and production phase requested by the customer, in addition to providing the necessary certifications required for any special or critical processing.

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