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Product quality and research have always been the driving forces behind our projects

We have been on the market since 1978 and support prestigious international companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation & Navy sectors.

Our know-how and constant research allow us to provide solutions for any type of application; thanks to the ISO9001, UNI EN 9100, UNI EN 9110, PART145 (EC 2042/2003) and PART21
(UE 748/2012) certifications, we are able to operate in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, by guaranteeing specific requirements for every application sector.

Our organisational structure enables us to manage each single application, from the design and prototype study to the complete project-based production, while guaranteeing conformity to the quality standards required by the various market sectors and implementing a co-engineering approach with the customer.

Our aim is to provide complete support and products, by identifying the appropriate functional solution for the customer's requirements and conforming the investments to the application's effective technical requirements.

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About us Sectors & Applications Services Customers Quality Contacts